Our Fearless Gophernaut Needs Your Help!
With his spaceship running-on-empty in a star system far from home, our fearless Gophernaut needs your help! Guide him across the surface of alien worlds, gathering enough supplies to fuel his voyage to the next solar system.
Slick & Fast-Paced Fun
Simple touch 'n' glide controls allow you to fire Captain Snuggles across the 3D planets like a pinball in pursuit of all of the Fusion Crystals and power-ups he can gather. Collect everything you can to unlock all of the planets and continue your journey.
35 Adventures Across 7 Planets
Begin on the earth-like planets of Alpha Sector, learning the ropes on familiar terrain and collecting resources to make it to the Lunar-B colonies. As you progress the challenge increases, with danger lurking around every corner.
The Clock is Ticking
The moment you start moving you'll initiate the ship's auto-launch sequence. Keep an eye out for Time Boosts to add precious seconds to the countdown if you're running out of time.
"Gopher Launch is an addicting arcade style physics game that isn't afraid to innovate on an established genre."
"Gopher Launch isn't just good, it's one of the best games we've ever played on Android."