The Ultimate Online Hangout
Imagine a virtual world where you can get together with friends and chill in front of the television watching YouTube videos together. Or host the ultimate beach party and power the music playlist for a group of your closest friends.
Live Your Dreams
Members shape the world, selecting from thousands of items to create unique virtual spaces. Whether nurturing exotic plants, creating digital works of art, or talking with friends in popular hotspots, there are activities to suit any mood.
Don't Just Play The Game
The ability for players to contribute sets SmallWorlds apart from other games. Why just play a game when you can create one? In SmallWorlds players use the same tools to create missions that the game developers use. Write, direct and produce your own creations for others to enjoy.
Get Creative
SmallWorlds has a thriving art community. Paint a masterpiece and exhibit it in one of the virtual art galleries, or try your hand at sculpting, or maybe your knack is for interior design and creating elaborate environments. Discover talents that you never knew you had!
"Long before Google+ introduced hang-outs, the SmallWorlds team was providing the ability for users to join together and watch a YouTube video simultaneously - giving the kind of shared experience that social networks strive for."
"Users have been clamoring for a service that lets them view and comment on web media simultaneously, and SmallWorlds' approach may be ideal for their target audience."